How to Redeem PUBG Mobile Codes Free Skins and UC

Pubg Mobile Redeem codes give you 100% free rewards on game-like weapon skins, outfits, pan skins, vehicle skins, and more. Still, some people didn’t know how to redeem the free PUBG mobile codes on mobile or PC, and some people also don’t know how to get PUBG mobile to redeem codes, so in this post,

I will show you how to do it. redeem the free PUBG mobile Redeem code. Also, I am going to share with you some of the latest free Redeem codes for PUBG mobile because all the above Redeem codes are not working at the moment and many people comment in my recent post that the systems are not working, please redeem these codes on our IDs PUBG mobiles and the people who give their IDs in the comment box of my post. I have many comments about it.

Please note that all Redeem codes provided by PUBG Mobile Team are not for unlimited people or indefinitely. The rewards are for the limited region, not everyone and some people ask me how to get the AKM glacier skin or the m416 premium skin so it’s clear that the rewards PUBG can’t give are free paid stuff, and if then I think it is unfair to those who pay them.

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How to Redeem PUBG Mobile Free Codes 

If you have a Redeem code that works and you didn’t know how to use it, here is the full step-by-step method; and it is very simple to redeem any free or paid PUBG mobile code, and the whole method for everyone is the same, and there is no other smart way to redeem. If you have a Redeem code,

go to google and type [PUBG Mobile free codes redeem] and click the search button, and then you will see some results, so go to PUBG mobile official website, and there you will see three boxes. You need to paste your PUBG mobile character ID in the first box, which is in number.

There is no lowercase or uppercase letter and then the Redeem code that you want to redeem and then a simple capita that is a verification code and on the right side of the third box, it will look for numbers that were written raw so you just need to type then in the box and then just click the redeem button.

How to get Latest Redeem Codes for PUBG Mobile

If you want the latest Redeem codes for PUBG mobile, on this website, we also publish a post related to it, so you need to check it (PUBG Mobile Latest Redeem Codes) or even check the official PUBG Mobile page on Facebook because there is no is a PUBG Mobile official website for Redeem codes, so social media is the best way to get the latest Redeem codes for free. If you are also a Free Fire lover, we have some Redeem codes for you too, so you should also check them out.

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Step by Step gude how to Redeem PUBG Mobile Codes (With Images)

  • There you will SEO three empty boxes. 
  • In the first box, you just need to type your PUBG Mobile Character ID.
  • In the second, the redeem code you have
  • At last, fill the verification code in the box and make sure all the information you supply is correct.
  • Click on redeem button, and then you will see the message of Success or error.


  • This site also has some issues at times such as not loading, or sometimes the website may not open, so if it happened to you, please try again to redeem the codes after a while.
  • There is no other website to redeem these codes, so just use the official PUBG mobile website.

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