[March 2023] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins

{March 2023} BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins {Battleground Mobile India}

Hi, guys welcome to another BGMI [Battleground Mobile India] post a new version of PUBG Mobile for Indian players only, and today in this post I will share some latest Redeem codes for your favorite game so if you are waiting for the new Redeem code for BGMI here we have it.

I know you all are very happy that Krafton has just released a new version of PUBG Mobile for India due to the global version ban, so now there is a separate version of this game available for India officially. With the launch of BGMI, officials are also sharing a list of Redeem codes that are for this display version only, so if you are playing this new version and looking for some free gun skins, these Redeem codes can help you get some legendary weapon skins.

These Redeem codes are officially awarded on the BGMI Twitter account as a free reward for their new players, so if you are also switching from the global version to the Indian version, these Redeem codes can be great for earning skins of free weapons.

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[March 2023] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins

BGMI AKM Skins Redeem Codes

AKM is one of the most powerful short-range weapons in BGMI [Battleground Mobile India] and the favorite of most players, so if you are a player of this new version of PUBG mobile and you have just created a new account that does not has gun skin, so here is your chance to get some amazing skins including AKM Glacier mask, AKM Blood Oath mask, AKM Hell Fire mask, which are the most beautiful AKM mask on BGMI and many are also included other Redeem codes for different skins.

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AKM Skins Name Redeem Codes
Rugged (Orange) BGMITYHFHG
Golden Sand BGMIAKM1112
Neon Destroyer BGMIWIHHK900
Yellow Stripes BGMIGDFDS
Hellfire HFTRHGFH00
Update on March 2023
[March 2023] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins

BGMI M416 Skins Redeem Codes

If you are an old global PUBG Mobile player and now you are switching to the Indian version, you March need to create a new account without a mask, but if the M416 pistol is your favorite and you don’t want to use it without a beautiful skin pistol, then here we have a list of Redeem codes

for your favorite weapon that you can use to get many beautiful and legendary skins, including the M416 Glacier mask, M416 Fool mask, M416 Monster mask, which are the most popular in this gun. If you don’t know how to redeem these codes, BGMI’s new Redeem method is provided below, so follow those steps and redeem now.

M416 Skins Name Redeem Codes
Glacier Level 1 MIDASBUY-M416
M416 Fool Level 1 DTERdasdd180
Vibrant Graffiti AEFJKLSDM416
Extreme Racing DARA-GDFDS
Golden Trigger BSDASSSREW
Update on March 2023
[March 2023] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins
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BGMI SCAR-L Skins Redeem Codes

Scar-l is also not a bad weapon for a close and medium-range fight and many players love to use it, but without beautiful skin, this pistol looks so bad which is why it is the latest functional Redeem code for the skins of the scar-l pistols. includes amazing weapon skins like the Scarl-l Blood Oath skin, the Skar-l Gold Plated skin, the Scar-l Lightning skin, and also some other legendary skins that you can redeem in a few minutes, so if you want, you must try these Redeem codes.

SCAR-l Skins Name Redeem Codes
Gold Plated BGMIdasdd180
Lightning BGMIDFDFSF00
Yellow Stripes QLOAUSREW
Rugged Orange AWHGHGHGH
Update on March 2023
[March 2023] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins

BGMI M762 Skins Redeem Codes

M762 is also another deadliest close range pistol which is also known as barrel as one of the most popular AR with amazing skins, so if you are also a big fan of this pistol then it is great news for you that this pistol it also comes with a global version legendary skin,

so if you were a PUBG Mobile global version game and switching to Battleground Mobile India, then these Redeem codes are really helpful for you to get the legendary skin for these weapons, including Concerto of Love M762 skin, M762 Stinger skin, which are the two most popular and most expensive m762 Weapon Skins, so if you want to try these Redeem codes, go ahead and redeem them.

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M762 Skins Name BGMI Redeem Codes
[March 2023] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins

How to Redeem BGMI Redeem Codes

BGMI [Battleground Mobile India] comes with a new Redeem center and you cannot use the old Redeem center which is only available for global, so to redeem these codes you need to visit the new BGMI Redeem Code Redeem center but the method to redeem the code is the same as the global version. Follow these steps to successfully redeem BGMI Redeem codes

  • Open the official BGMI website
  • Open the exchange center
  • Fill in the required information such as your character ID, code to redeem and fill in the captcha
  • Click the redeem button
  • Go to your in-game mailbox and collect the rewards.
  • Enjoy free weapon skins and no thanks
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[March 2023] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins

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How do you get a free UC in Bgmi?

As you March know, using Redeem Codes in BGMI games can get Free UC.

How do you redeem free fire skins?

agar aap free fire me redeem code use karte hain to aap unlimited free skins Hasil kar sakte hain premium skin aapko redeem code Se Mil sakti hai

How do you get free UC in Bgmi 2023?

jaise ki aap ko pata Hoga Ki redeem code use karte hue free mein UC Hasil kar sakte hain Bgmi 2023 latest redeem code get free UC


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