Get Free 100,000 BP Coins PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes 2023

Hi guys. Once again we are here with your favorite and most recognized game PUBG Mobile 2023, and with its most amazing features. As always, we once brought you some attractive and catchy rewards. We hope you like having these rewards and sharing them with your friends.

When you successfully complete your matches, Mission Challenge, then you win and get a currency that is different from your real money, and it is called BP (Battle Points). You can use this money to buy or purchase different items according to your need in the store.

It is used basically and mainly to open soldier boxes. Even the new updates allow you to exchange BP for UC (PUBG premium currency) for cash, and you can change the gender appearance of your avatar using it.

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What can you earn PB in PUBG MOBILE?

  • Like anything else, you can earn BP in PUBG Mobile by meeting some conditions. The number of points you will earn depends on a few factors. Some are mentioned below.
  • · The first condition to earn BP depends on your survival time. The longer you survive (and the fewer, the fewer opposing players left on the map), the more BP awaits you.
  • · The number of kills the game did. If the player kills a player in solo mode, he will give 20 BP, 15 in duo and 10 in squad.
  • · The amount of damage they deal. Player will gain 1 BP for nearly 5 points of damage dealt

How to spend BP in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is world-famous due to its unique features and challenges, and all loyal game players want to experience all the adventures of the game. You have to pay a cost to enjoy it all, and some of our loyal players can’t. We are here to give you a try by providing you with the PUBG currency which is called BP or Battle Points.

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After completing your tasks, challenges that can earn a certain amount of BP can be used for various things, such as buying stronger crates or changing the appearance or gender of avatars.

Here are some steps to understand how you can use the BP  in PUBG

  • You can use BP (Battle Points) in PUBG Mobile to buy crates
  • Here is one of the most famous clues to spend BP in PUBG Mobile, when buying soldier boxes, it helps to use a lot of BP coins
  • If you want to apply BP coins in PUBG, you have to go to the store on the right side of the application screen.
  • Now move to the Boxes section below the list on the right side of the app screen.
  • Now you have to open “Soldier’s Box”, which is the final option on the list.
  • To use BP, tap “Open Once” and open a box of soldiers in front of you.

Every time you open the soldier’s box, you will be asked to apply 800 BP coins and as you continue to open the amount will double, for example, 800 becomes 1600 and then 3200 and in this way, you will get many more BP coins.

You need to make sure you know how many BP Coins you are using when using the coins or depleting your entire PUBG Battle Points balance.

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What can you buy with BP in PUBG?

  • You can use the ability to exchange player customization (you can change your gender, face, body
  • You can buy fur clothes, many times it has limited editor skins
  • You can buy boxes to open outfits and skins for free.
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Dear loyal players, these are all the things you can do, buy or trade with your BP (Battle Point) currency.

How to get BP faster in PUBG Mobile

If you are a skilled gamer and want to do the challenges on an empty stomach, you definitely want to earn the BP too quickly. So friend, we also have a path for those who seek it.

You just have to chase the kill as long as possible to survive. Hiding can generate a good BP per game, but it can always require a continuous drop from the sky in areas with the hustle and bustle, and fighting other players will cost you less time, and most of the time, it will prove to be more generous.

If you want to fall into a populated area like markets, schools or hotels. If you have eliminated a player, try to survive as long as possible. In other cases, go straight back to pairing and repeat the process one more time.

It is essential to tell yourself this in a hyper-aggressive way, not only will you earn more BP, but it really is a great way if you want to continually improve the game, looking for shootouts will strengthen your purpose, increase your sense of the game and gradually increase your confidence as you face off. enemies.

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Free 100,000 BP Coins PUBG Mobile

We have almost cove scope and everything related to the subject. Now we are going to pass the word to the most surprising, and that is our incredible offer for our PUBG Mobile players. We always have great deals for you, and today’s deal is free BP redemption codes. These redemption codes will give you 100k more BP for free on PUBG Mobile, so if you have BP for free, this is really a good method.

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This website is offering you 100k, 200k, 300k so and unlimited BP, and you can use it

  • ·         To buy outfits
  • ·         You can also enjoy pan.
  • ·         You will get skins
  • ·         You will enjoy the best shoes

Wear it while fighting and enjoy the games. You can use this PUBG coin through a mobile redemption code.

This is all for today. Visit our website regularly and get amazing rewards, and don’t forget to share them with your friends.

{March 2023} Free Skin PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Latest
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