How to Make Money on TikTok By Watching Videos

While some apps and past TikTok programs might claim to pay you for watching videos, these methods typically offer extremely low earnings for a lot of time invested.

These programs also tend to be unreliable and inconsistent. Instead of chasing small amounts through watching videos,

it’s much more profitable to focus on creating your own engaging TikTok content. This opens the door to TikTok’s Creator Fund,

brand partnerships, and the chance to sell your own products or services – all of which offer far greater earning potential than simply watching videos.

  • TikTok Bonus Programs: In the past, TikTok had temporary programs like TikTok Bonus which rewarded users for watching videos with points or small amounts of money. These programs are not consistently available and often change depending on region.
  • “Watch and Earn” Apps: You may find some third-party apps claiming to pay you for watching TikToks. These are often unreliable and generally pay very small amounts for a lot of time invested. Be wary of scams and read reviews carefully before trying them.
  • Referral Programs: Some services within these “watch and earn” apps involve referring friends. This can sometimes earn slightly more than just watching videos, but again, earnings are typically minimal.

make money on tiktok without followers

It’s definitely possible to make money on TikTok without having a huge following! Focus on creating content that leverages viral trends and targets specific niches, even if your audience is small.

Consider partnering with smaller brands for affiliate marketing deals (promoting their products for a commission), or creating user-generated content (UGC) for brands, where your video creation skills are the focus.

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TikTok Ads are another option; even without many followers, ads can target your ideal customers. Finally, think about selling your own services or digital products related to your expertise directly through your TikTok profile!

Can I get paid for watching TikTok?

While you might occasionally find apps or programs that claim to pay you small amounts for watching TikToks, these are generally unreliable and offer very low earnings for the time invested.

It’s much more profitable to focus on creating your own engaging content on TikTok. This allows you to potentially tap into TikTok’s Creator Fund (where you earn based on views), attract brand sponsorships, or even sell your own products or services directly through the platform.

What company pays $100 to watch TikTok?

The company that offered $100 per hour to watch TikToks was Ubiquitous, an influencer marketing agency.

They ran this as a promotional campaign to analyze trends and understand what resonates with TikTok audiences. While this specific opportunity might not be available anymore,

other companies may launch similar campaigns in the future. Keep an eye on influencer marketing agencies and job boards focused on social media roles for potential opportunities.

Earn $17.32 Per Video Watching TikTok Videos On Your Phone

Can I earn money by watching videos?

While some websites or apps might claim to pay you for watching videos, the reality is that these opportunities generally offer extremely low earnings for significant time invested.

You’re far better off focusing your efforts on platforms where you can create content that attracts a dedicated audience.

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On platforms like YouTube or TikTok, you can potentially earn money through ad revenue, the platform’s creator funds, brand partnerships, and selling your own products or services. These methods offer much higher earning potential than purely watching videos.


Q: I see websites and apps promising money for watching TikToks. Are they legit?

A: Some of these programs might be legitimate, but they typically offer extremely low pay for a considerable amount of time invested. Be aware that many also have high payout thresholds or other restrictions.

Q: Is there a better way to use my time for earning on TikTok?

A: Absolutely! Instead of focusing on solely watching videos, shift your energy towards creating your own compelling content. This will attract a dedicated audience and unlock far more lucrative monetization options like TikTok’s Creator Fund, brand collaborations, and selling your own products or services.

Q: Are there any past TikTok programs that paid for watching videos?

A: Yes, in the past, TikTok had temporary bonus programs regionally that rewarded users with points or small amounts of money for watching videos and referring friends. These types of programs aren’t always available and might come with restrictions.

Q: Could similar paying-to-watch programs occur in the future?

A: It’s possible! TikTok, as well as other social media platforms or third-party apps, may experiment with incentives for engagement. However, these are unlikely to be significant sources of income.

Q. So, what’s the bottom line?

A: While making a little money by watching TikTok videos might occasionally be possible, it’s not a reliable or substantial income strategy. Building your own presence as a content creator on TikTok offers far greater potential for meaningful earnings.

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