Jazz Call Package Weekly 85 Rupees (Weekly Voice Offer 2023)

Jazz’s weekly voice package is a once-off deal that gives you Jazz minutes from the network at the lowest cost every week. It is the most affordable Jazz Call Package Weekly offer that allows you to make a call to any place within Pakistan. This package is good for 7 days only. Take advantage of this deal and take advantage of all calls possible.

Contact your friends, family members and relatives and everybody in Pakistan. You can make calls anywhere within the country. In addition, the quality of the call is excellent, and you get to relax during the phone.

Because of such a valuable bundle, Mobilink/Jazz demand is quite high across the nation. This is the reason why the amount of users are increasing every day. Everybody would like to join this community.

As per our studies, we have learned that the number of users will rise between 15 and 40 million in five years. This is an enormous number.

The Weekly Jazz Call package 85 rupees

If you’re looking for the most competitive rates on call packages then this weekly Jazz deal is the ideal option. This bundle gives you 600 minutes of calls for just Rs. 85 per week. It is easy to activate the plan by using this Jazz Rs. 85 Rupee coupon code *211 #.

When you sign up for the bundle and you are able call any Jazz number, without having to use the remaining balance. However, the charge of Rs. 0.10 paisa will be charged each time you make a call to the Jazz number.

Additionally, the bundle is available 24 hours a day, without restrictions or hidden costs. Once the bundle expires all the resources previously used are eliminated and will not be included when you sign up for the next one.

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Complete Details & Codes:

Description of the Offer: Jazz WeeklyVoice Offer
Jazz Minutes: 600
Price: PKR 75
Price Required: PKR 85
Validity: 7 days a week
SUB-Code: *211#
Check Code: *211*2#
Call for a free setup: 0.15. 0.15

The Weekly Jazz Call package 85 rupees code

The code to subscribe that is required for Jazz Weekly Voice offer is *211#, which you can dial using your prepaid number. After you download it the offer will start to work on your SIM card that is prepaid. SIM.

Subscribe Code: *211#

How do I enroll into Jazz Weekly Call Package? Jazz Weekly Call Package for Rs.85

When the bundle arrives with the Code it’s simple to activate it on your SIM card. Follow the steps below for activating it.

  • Start the phone dialer and dial *211#.
  • You’ll see that the Jazz Weekly Voice Offering.
  • Just type in “1” to subscribe.
  • The offer will go live as soon as it is activated, and you will also receive an email.

The World App’s Jazz Weekly Voice Promotion

Jazz has made this offer available through the World App, where users are able to easily sign up and unsubscribe. The price is cheaper on the World application, and you can get the same deal for only Rs. 80. Furthermore, you’ll receive 650 minutes instead 600 minutes.

Look into Jazz Voice Minutes.

You can easily look up any remaining minutes using *211*2# phone number. If you’ve downloaded Jazz World, the Jazz World App, you can also view them on the home screen without cost.

Minutes Check-in Code *211*2#

Cost per Jazz Weekly Voice Offer

You can purchase this bundle at a cost of Rs. 85 only. If you’re in search of the most efficient bundle, you can subscribe to this deal. This package is ideal for people who frequently call. You can also look up the pricing for the week-long Jazz deal in the following table.

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Price: PKR 75

How can I share Minutes?

The most interesting aspect of the Weekly Voice Offer is that you can exchange time with your family members or with your friends.

You can purchase minutes from any provider and then give them to other people. In addition, you can give minutes to other customers who are prepaid. It’s similar to purchasing minutes.

Follow the steps below to start sharing your time with others.

  • Dial *308# from your Jazz credit card. SIM card.
  • Enter the amount of time you would like to be able to share.
  • Then apply, and you’re done.
  • To find minutes shared to check shared minutes, dial *308*2#.

Notification: You can share up to 30 minutes of jazz per day. The minutes shared will expire the following date at the midnight. The 2 rupees of free share is applicable.

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Final Words

In closing I would like to say that I hope you find this service helpful and use it to benefit from internet-based calling for free. For any queries or concerns, be sure to leave a make a comment. Thank you for taking the time to read! Be sure to check out the official website’s INFO and FAQs.

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