Jazz One Hour Internet Package | Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 2023

Jazz Jazz company is committed towards helping consumers save on costs by giving special deals that aren’t accessible on other networks. The Jazz One-Hour Internet Package includes Super Ghanta Internet with 1GB of data for only 10 rupees. 10 only.

This deal gives customers the option of signing up to a one-hour Internet bundle that consists of a high-speed, top-quality internet connectivity at a cheap cost.

Additionally, you get one hour of unlimited internet access service provided by Jazz. This allows users to browse the web at 4G speeds, and all at a cost of 10/-. 10/-. What are you waiting to do? Simply follow the article and you’ll know how to avail the deal.

Jazz Super Hour One Hour Ghanta Offer Information

The Jazz Super Ghanta package is the most affordable provider of internet services in Pakistan. Customers have access to the fastest internet speed for just an hour.

This incredible deal is available anytime, any day of the week. If customers utilize the internet for more than an hour, they will be required to pay for additional charges.

The deal for the next 1 hour period is most suitable choice for people who require access to the internet however have a limited budget. You’ll get 1GB for downloading files, streaming films and streaming music.

Have a look at all the details of the table below.

Here’s the table.

How to Redeem Jazz 1 Hour Internet Service?

Since the offers are subject to vary from time to time, make sure you check the information at the website of their official site to be sure of the procedure and sources.

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To avail the offer, you’ll need for redemption, download the Jazz World app because it is simple to activate and after only one tap and you’ll be able to sign up to it. In addition, you’ll be able to view the remaining sources in real-time so that you don’t have to pay additional fees.

If you do not have the World app, you’ll need a subscription code to Jazz’s 1-hour offer. Simply entering the code on your phone daily to activate it. If you’re not sure, take these actions:

  • Open in the diary of your telephone and note *638#
  • Select”Super Ghant. “Super Ghant” offer from the menu.
  • To subscribe, choose “1” and hit the call button.
  • You will receive a subscription message once the offer is activated the offer on your SIM.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Jazz gives status codes to its customers so that users are able to access the information they require. When you use your status codes, you will be in a position to view the remaining MBs and their validity and let you end the deal without cost.

To stop receiving the email To unsubscribe, dial the number *638*2# and follow the instructions.

  • Super Internet Offer of Choice
  • Choose unsubscribe in the dropdown menu.
  • Then enter “1” and hit the call button.

How do I purchase an additional subscription

Utilizing the super deal in more than one purchase is possible.You are able to resubscribe for as many times as you’d like. However, you cannot use the offer again after it is expired or you have to unsubscribe first and then resubscribe.

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The cost for the extra subscription will remain at Rs. 10 so there’s no need to fret about additional charges. And you’ll have the same amount of data for one hour. When you resubscribe, you’ll receive the updated 1GB in data.

Enjoy 4G Internet Speed

Mobilink and Warid know that time is precious and we understand how crucial your internet connection is to you. Jazz provides you with 1GB in 4G speed internet.

1.GB and one-hour internet bundles provide you with full 4G speed. It is possible to download files, upload them, conduct video calls and browse on the internet with the speed of a computer.


In this article we will share an online offer that will be in effect until 60 minutes. If you’re seeking the most effective jazz promo code, the Jazz One Hour offer is the right choice for you.

Conditions of Use

  • The offer is tax-free, and you will need an additional balance for activation of the offer.
  • The data for free is available across all internet websites including 3G, 2G and 4G.
  • The speed of the network may differ depending on the network load.
  • When you’ve used up all 1GB of data, you will be charged in accordance with the default plan.

Jazz One Hour Internet Package: FAQ

How can I get Jazz’s 2-hour internet?

When you dial the subscription number *638# you’ll be able to access the internet for one an hour and at the end of your subscription, can dial the code again and get another 1GB of data.

What is the definition of this offer? Jazz Super Ghanta offer?

The ultimate Ganta offering string, *638# provides you with 1024MBs over the course of one day.

How can I obtain no cost MB for Jazz?

You can utilize your Jazz World app to get daily free MBs. Just click “Daily rewards” and claim your free MBs.

How do be I get started Jazz up to 3 days maximum?

If you are seeking 1GB of data, but an additional Jazz minutes, then they can opt for a 3-day maximum deal. Call *631# and join the deal at the price of Rs. 35 only.

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