Jazz Monthly Social Package | 7GB at Rs 129 Only 2023

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to stay in touch with your friends and relatives on social media? Jazz is the perfect monthly social package! For only Rs 129, you will receive 7GB of data which can be utilized for Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, and BiP.

This is an excellent deal for those who want to stay connected with their loved ones without spending a fortune. Don’t delay for too long – sign up today and begin enjoying all of your favourite social networks without worrying about exceeding the limit of data you can use!

Jazz Monthly Social Bundle

Jazz Social Bundle is the ideal choice for those who would like to remain connected to social media without paying a large amount of dollars. With 7 GB of storage that can be used for Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, and BiP.

Additionally, the additional 12000 SMS allows you to send text messages to all Jazz customers on the network. The greatest part is that it costs only the price of Rs 129 per month! Don’t delay any longer sign up today and get started enjoying all of your favorite social networks , without worrying about exceeding the limit of data you can use!

Name of the Offer: Jazz MonthlySocial Bundle
Data: 7 GB
Social Media Sites: Facebook
SMS: 12000
Price: PKR 299.
Price: (Gawadar) PKR 219
Recharge is required: PKR 130
Validity: 30 Days
UN-SUB CODE: *101*4*02#

Take advantage of Monthly Socialism

By taking advantage of this bundle by Jazz you will be able to enjoy all of your social media favorites without spending a penny. It is easy to keep in touch with your family and family.

What are the possible use cases?

This service is ideal for those who wish to stay in touch with their family members and family through social media or text messages. It’s also a good option for anyone who has to be connected to the internet on a regular basis regardless of whether for personal or work-related reasons.

Get Social Media Data

You can now use your most loved apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and other apps without worrying about the use of all of your data. You’ll receive 7 GB of data for social media with the Month’s Social Bundle.

You can get a free SMS (12000)

While socializing, you are also able to send SMS to your friends, without having to worry about charges. Since under this plan you’ll get 12000 SMS throughout the month, which is sufficient for any person.

Terms and Conditions

  • All general tax and conditions will be in effect.
  • Offer is in effect until the end of time.
  • To see the remaining to be sure, dial *661*2#
  • The unused data MBs will be being carried forward, regardless of whether the subscriber resubscribes during the validity period that the pass is social.


What is the social package? Jazz each month?

It’s bundled with Facebook, WhatsApp, and other users who love social media. It only includes information about social networks.

What is the best way to activate my Jazz Social bundle for the month? ?

To activate, dial *661#

What will it cost you? Jazz Monthly Social package?

The package costs just Rs. 129 and includes 7GB in data and the ability to send 12000 messages.

What is the Social network that is that are included in this deal?

The social networks in this deal are Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO & BiP.


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