Top 10 Govt Scheme, Ehsaas Programs, Kafalat Program, BISP Program & More in Pakistan

In today’s article, we will tell you which imdad programs are running in Pakistan and which government has started which imdad program which is benefiting the poor and deserving people and their welfare. 

In this article, we are going to tell you today about the 10 most popular Ehsaas programs in Pakistan which are the 101 most popular Ehsaas imdad programs in which you can register yourself with this government program.

You can get welfare and you can get help from these programs in this time of inflation and you can fight this time of inflation. Here are 10 major sensation programs. How to get you registered and how to withdraw money from it.  Here’s how to check the amount of Rs.

  • Benazir Income Support Program
  • Ehsaas program
  • Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program
  • Ehsaas Kafalat Program
  • Ehsaas bozrg program
  • Ehsaas Wazifa Taleem Program
  • Kisan card program
  • Health Card Program
  • Ehsaas Ration Programs
  • BISP Relief Fund Programs

1. Benazir Income Support Program

Pakistan’s most famous former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto started a program for the welfare of the poor and deserving people which was related to the Ehsas Welfare program in this program. She named her program Benazir Income Support Program which 

The program was started in 2008 and continued till 2008 when the  Nazeer Income Support Program Government M When the PPP government came, they started this program in a proper way which has been running till 2013.

So as soon as the PPP government came in 2013, they conducted a survey in which these poor and deserving people were enrolled in this unique income support program and registered, and then they were given a property every six months. 

Later they started giving aid and from it, they used to get help from very deserving and poor families in Pakistan and after that as soon.

 Those who were eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program were also given a Benazir M Card by the Benazir Income Support Program, which they used to get their aid from the machines when their aid was available. 

Six months later, the transfer was made to his account as the government did not come. They changed the name of this program which you call Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program.  Then he started walking.

2. Ehsaas program

And as soon as the government changed in 2013, i.e. the PTI government came and Imran Khan became its Prime Minister, then Prime Minister Imran Khan changed the name of this unique income support program to Ehsaas program and conducted a regular survey of ehsaas program. 

After the survey was conducted all over Pakistan and after the verification of the whole of Pakistan, the families who were found eligible and deserving in the verification key started getting Rs. 12000 assistance again. 

The name was changed and it was renamed as Ehsaas Program and the government was now giving this welfare to the people under the name of Ehsaas Program.  There were people who were suffering from a life of poverty

NSER Slip Survey

The Ehsas program will conduct an NSER survey, which means the National Social Survey, which collects data on how many people belong to which family and what are their sources of income and their monthly income. 

What is the income? In the same way all the data of their property was collected then it was verified which families are eligible for this program and which families are ineligible then they were given 8171 confirmation message that  You are eligible in this program or there is a verification problem or you are disqualified in this program then they are sent a confirmation message which is an 8171.

3. Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

So in the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan, as soon as the Corona virus started in 2014, the Prime Minister Imran Khan had planted a million dollars, because of which the very purpose and the problem of deserving families was created, their jobs have been lost. 

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Because the government did not allow much to go out of the house, keeping this in mind, Prime Minister Imran Khan had started the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program, that is, it was his job and mission to immediately deliver cash to the poor and deserving people. 

So because of this they started the Ehsaas Emergency Cash program and then the poor and deserving people were verified as if their data was available in Ehsaas program first and then their ehsaas program.  The registration was being done then it was decided to help them. I will tell you how their registration was being done.

How to register in Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

The Ehsaas Emergency Cash program enabled all those people whose data was collected according to the NSER survey and the families who were found eligible in the area were also eligible for the Ehsas Emergency Cash program. 

And further the registration of the people who were left in the NSER survey could not be done on their heads, so the registration of the people was done through 8171, that is, on your National Identity Card No. 8171. 

We used to send it to you in this way .So in this way all these families were registered in Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program and then after their verification all these families have been declared eligible.  Let me tell you.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program How to get money

People who were declared eligible in Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program were given assistance of Rs.  If you have found it, you can get Rs.12000.

In this way, during the Corona virus, Prime Minister Imran Khan guided and encouraged the poor and deserving people through this program for the welfare of the poor and deserving people.

During the lockdown, if they were being barred from doing their hard work by the government, they were being assisted accordingly, now they could support their home from home and  In this way, the welfare of the poor and deserving families was realized through the Emergency Cash Program.

4. Ehsaas Kafalat program

Prime Minister Imran Khan then launched the Ehsaas Kafalat program, one of which was to support the poor and deserving families.  Those who did not have a car, who did not have a bungalow, etc., who did not have any money in a bank account,

who did not have an out-of-country visa or passport, etc., all these families.  Eligible and out of which the government has announced to give them Rs.14000

How to apply for Ehsaas Kafalat program

The Ehsas Kifalat program enabled all the families who were surveyed through NSER and the families who were found eligible in the survey, ie those who were poor and deserving families, to be given its total program.  I was declared eligible and the government announced to give them Rs. 

Then after that due to inflation the government had increased their aid to Rs. 14,000 so now they were getting Rs. 14,000 from the program.  Families who could not be included in the survey were also registered through 8171.

The families have been declared eligible through this and also the registration process has been done at the Ehsaas Centers which were set up.  Many families had registered from there, so in this way registration was done in Ehsaas Kafalat program.

How to check the eligibility of Ehsas Kafalat program

Whether you are eligible in Ehsaas Kafalat program or not, you used to get a Siddiqui message through Akasi Akhtar that you have got the help of eligible people in Ehsaas Kafalat program. You can take it from your nearest payment center if you are on your own.  If you want to check the line, the procedure was that you have to go to Google and search.

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8171 web portal so if you search and open the web portal then you will find once you have to dial your form number in this form NSER slip then after that  You have to dial your national identity card number then you have to dial your mobile phone number then it is given in the picture and you can see it in front of you then you have to dial your code then you  When you click on the find out button,

you will be notified after your verification that you are eligible in the Ehsaas Kafalat program and your assistance has been approved. You can avail this assistance from your nearest payment center.  If you can, in this way the support of Ehsaas Kifalat program would be 14000.

Ehsaas Kafalat ATM card

When the Ehsaas Kafalat program was funded by Ehsaas Kendra, the people who had to spend a lot of money on it used to have a lot of problems, so there are a lot of people.  If you take it quickly then there was a lot of corruption in this way and people were facing a lot of problems. That is why the government of Pakistan has challenged this digital system. 

All these people were given the feeling of affluence by making ATM cards which were delivered to their respective addresses, so now in a new way the assistance of Rs.  They could go to any of their ATM machines and get help from any other machine of the bank, whether it was day or night. 

So in this way now the government has given its flight sim card to all the families so that all the families could easily receive the money that Prime Minister Imran Khan has.  It was a good thing he did for the poor and deserving people.

5. Ba Himmat Buzurg Program

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government had started a program for the elderly, that is, for the elderly who could not do any work of their own, could not do any business.  The data was enabled for those who were eligible after the verification of all the people who were above the age of fifty years. 

All the people used to be assisted. The government of Prime Minister Imran Khan had registered them in this program and fixed their stipend so that they could take their help and do it for you.

6. Ehsaas Wazifa Taleem Program

Ehsaas Wazifa Education Program When Prime Minister Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he started this program.  Records were kept of all the children from the age of 22 years who were studying,

that is, those who were getting their own education.  The government has announced the stipend and they have been registered and now they have started getting the money which is according to the monthly stipend.

The record of non-form of children was recorded in the Ehsaas Wazifa Education and accordingly they were verified and since then all these children have started getting monthly stipends.  It was a good initiative by Ghazal Faiz of poor and deserving children that they could get their education and become the bright star of the future.

7. Kisan card program

As you know, the government has launched nine welfare programs to help the poor and deserving. One of these programs is the Kisan Card program, which the government has implemented in all sectors.  He has taken care of the welfare of the poor and deserving people.

Similarly, he has not left a single person behind. He has also started a program for the farmers in which they are being given fertilizer spray diesel.

Similarly why is the government now giving cheap fertilizer sprays and diesel etc. to the farmers so that they can improve the easy sector of Pakistan and also giving them agricultural implements as well as fertilizer subsidy money. 

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Farmers get their cards and they get city money with them. Just like Imran Khan’s government has run this program, now that the government has changed, so has the government of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. 

If you want to know more about Pathankot, get all your information by clicking on the link below.  With the details of our full article.

8. Health Card Program

The government of Pakistan has started a program called Health Card Program in which all these poor and deserving people have been given health cards by the government through which they can get their full treatment.

All the treatment is at the hospital.  It will pay the expenses itself and the government will pay the amount. This health card is a huge benefit for the poor and deserving people, such as if there was an illness, there was no treatment or operation. 

If it had happened, it would have taken a long time. It would have been a big problem for the poor people. Keeping this in mind, the government of Pakistan has started a program called Health Card Health Card. 

The government will pay for it itself and even pay you a car rental to return home, so this is a very good program from the government that the previous government started this program and the new government also started this program.  Is starting and she is also running this program.

And if you want to get complete information about a health card from it, how this health card is made and how it is used and in which hospitals it is treated, then all the information by clicking on the link given below.  You can get off the nautical with a full detail and you will be able to get all the information.

9. Ehsaas Ration Program

Ehsas Ration Program This program was started by the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan and from Ehsaas Ration Program rations are given to all those who have less than fifty thousand rupees. Thirty percent Rs. 

Can get seats and get free ration of five thousand and how to register it and how to check the amount of subsidy and how to get ration from its ration grocery store  If you want to get the information yourself, get all the information by clicking on the link below.

10. BISP Relief Fund Programs 786

When the new government of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif increased the price of petrol and diesel to improve the situation, the people close to him and the deserving people thought about how they would be able to cope with this situation. 

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has just launched a program from which he has announced a subsidy for cheap diesel and cheap petrol.  Has announced that they will be able to get a subsidy of 2000 diesel cheaper petrol every month and they will be able to get it in their time of inflation so they started this program and its registration was done through 786.  Send national identity cards.

How to get Rs.2000 / – from Ehsaas Relief Fund Program How to register in this program and how to check the eligibility of this program to get all the information if you want to know if your account 2000 has been approved or not.  If you want to do so, click on the link below to get the complete information.

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