Jazz Student Offer Code (2 Hours Friend Bundle)

Jazz allows students to call any number they wish through Jazz’s Jazz Student offer that stays in effect for the next two hours. If Jazz customers join the offer , they will be able to enjoy free calls from the same provider with no additional cost.

The Jazz offers the most value for the price which allows students to receive two hours of premium service for calls made on the network. The price of the package is Rs. 10 which is quite reasonable when you need to speak for longer.

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Jazz Student Offer Details, Price, and Code

The deal comes with other benefits too. You can also take advantage of the free Facebook and Twitter accounts. And you can also sign up to the deal at least once a day. If the offer expires then you are able to activate it and make use of Facebook and contact the number for the within the next two hours.

The student call deal is the same as the Jazz 2-hour package for calls, however the bundle is cheaper. The cost is lower due to the fact that Jazz recognizes that students cannot afford the price. This is why the company offers discounts for this package.

Price RS. 8.7 Incl. Tax
Balance Require Rs.10
Internet Unlimited data on Facebook
On-net Minutes Unlimited
SMS 200
Duration 2 Hour (Except 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM)
To Subscribe Dial *3000#
To Check Status Dial *320*2#
To Info Dial *320*3#
To Un-Subscribe Dial *320*4#

Jazz Student bundle 2 hours

The student bundle comes with two bundles in one because you can use unlimited social minutes and MBs. You also get unlimited calling minutes. Students can use this bundle to speak with their teachers about homework assignments, for example.

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If you pay the lowest cost for calling, you will be able to remain in contact with your teachers or other friends and seek help in your studies. You’ll have up to 120 minutes of talking time.

*3000# jazz package detail

The page can be activated with the *3000# code on your Jazz prepay SIM. It is only necessary to pay 3 Rs. 3 plus tax and after that, you can begin unlimited calling from any number that is Mobilinking. Be sure to not call between 6 PM and 9 PM.

Student Jazz offer *114*6#

In the case of students, they have a student discount *114*6#, which is super thrilling. It allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited data and internet minutes for two hours for the price of Rs. 8.7/- only.

If you’re studying and would like to download your notes online, then take advantage of this offer. It is a great benefit. It is possible to call and surf the web too.

Jazz friends bundle Code

Jazz always takes care of their students which is why they offer always something unique. If the options offered by the Jazz student aren’t enough for you then try using Jazz friend bundle promo code *340#, which provides you with 300 mins, 300 text messages and 20 MBS on the same day.

The offer for friends costs the sum of Rs. 17 and you can have an entire day to take advantage of the call talk time and SMS and the use on social networks.

Jazz Friends bundle 2 hours of code

Students always need to communicate with their friends, so they are constantly search for affordable options. You can now avail Jazz friends bundle for 2 hours of code *555# and receive a fantastic deal of just Rs. 7.99 only. This deal lets you benefit from free calling Facebook,, and SMS.

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Jazz Call Packages are available 24 hours a day.

Sometimes, you require calling and data services all day long as you might want to stay in touch for a longer period of time and wish to search online to find study materials. If that is the case, why not opt for an Jazz call package which gives you access for all hours of the day?

You can call *114*4# for the 24-hour package and receive 500 minutes along with 50 MB of internet. It is active for the whole day it costs only the amount of Rs. 21.51/-


What you believe is the most exciting for you? We have listed all deals for students currently being offered by Jazz. You are able to pick the one that meets your needs. My suggestion is Jazz Student Offer since it’s inexpensive and has good airtime as well as information.

What can I do to check my Jazz student’s offer?

Use the student offer string *320*2# or the information string *320*3# for checking for the Jazz Student Offer.

What are the benefits of student internet of Jazz?

It’s a fantastic internet deal for students who wish to work online and stay at home. This offer is no cost minutes and data.

How can I get 10 GB in Jazz?

You have to sign up for this Jazz Weekly Plus offer to get 10GB for the duration of a week. Call *157# for the offer.


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