how many jobs did trump create

How Many Jobs Did Trump Create?

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about Donald Trump and his statement to Congress, “If President Obama Was In Control Of The Nuclear Codes, We Would Not Have War.” Many Americans consider that an honest man can control his emotions and that’s good. But, in this case, he used a loaded weapon on the American People.

The United States is an amazing country and it is our way of life. We have a system of checks and balances that prevent major problems like social chaos. The checks and balances are part of what allow us to freedom of speech. Without the freedom of speech we would be one of the freest societies on earth with a free press and the truth.

The United States was great when Ronald Reagan was elected. I was at a ballgame the other night and the opposing team was all Californians. They were all very liberal and wanted all the gay, lesbian, black and Hispanic folks in the United States illegally. I am glad we have freedom of speech in America and we have the media. Some things simply cannot be repeated in a free country. If you rewind the tape and look at it, you might agree.

How many jobs did trump create? About zero. Just one media stunt, which got him into hot water, turned him into a pariah and his political career into a disaster. His approval ratings are in the tank and he is hated by his base and the media.

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Is he making the right decisions to make things right? No. Has he surrounded himself with competent people? No. Does he have the necessary staff around him to manage the crises that may arise? No.

The buck stops with Donald Trump and if he cannot fix his own mess, then who does he need to hire to help him fix the problems? Very few of his cabinet picks are people who know anything about government. The best anyone can say for this administration is that they are learning. The president’s constant Twitter postings should be a wakeup call to all Americans that he has not been well advised. He should be held responsible for his own poor leadership and the mess he has created rather than those around him.

The question remains, how many of his followers really believe that the media is lying about trump being at fault for everything? If his base cannot or will not accept the fact that he is the problem, how does that leave the rest of us, who are so eager to work for a change? I worry that some of those who voted for him won’t understand what he is doing when he does make a misstep.

It’s easy to see why people would rather have someone more qualified leading the government. It would be much easier to get things done. Unfortunately, we live in a broken country and leaders must learn to control their emotions and not be controlled by the media. Otherwise their greatness will only be questioned. With that in mind, let’s hope Mr. Trump learns his lessons well from this and governs as thoughtfully as possible.

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One question that’s been asked lately is how many jobs did trump create? The answer may surprise some. He signed a bill making it easier for foreign students to get a green card and that alone was enough to create many jobs in his economic circle.

Some of you may be wondering how a bill helping out a foreign student would lead to American workers getting H-1B visas. That’s because it increases the number of high-tech workers available in the US. As we know, when a nation wants something it goes to war for it and usually gets what it wants. That means that every time there is a battle for attention, more jobs get created.

If you’re still wondering how many jobs did trump create, it may be time to start wondering if he’s the type of leader who is able to take action. After all, he didn’t start out in Washington DC working as a pol. He started off as an entrepreneur and then turned into one of the most recognizable business people in the country. Can you guess which of his businesses is on top right now? The answer is not very, if at all.

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