how many jobs did obama create

How Many Jobs Did Obama Create?

One of the questions that has been plaguing Democrats and Anti-Globalists since November is, how many jobs did Obama create? There has been much talk, both on the Left and Right about how many jobs the Obama Stimulus Package created. While, at least in the media, President Obama’s Stimulus Package is touted as creating “hundreds of thousands” of new jobs, what exactly that means, is up for debate. That being said, let’s take a closer look at what jobs Obama may have created.

The Stimulus Package may have increased the number of FIFO jobs, but how many of those jobs were actually new? The definition of a “FIFO job” is one in which an employee maintains a record of several paycheck stubs to determine their salary. This is the number that will be shown on most any paycheck stub.

So how do you know if you have an existing FIFO job or not? There is a simple way to find out. Every paycheck stub, for every full-time or part-time employee in the United States, is required to include a record of their gross income. The U.S. government used a special computer program to scan all of the federal paperwork and compile it into a comprehensive database, which they are using to compare all incomes around the country.

This allows anyone to see how many jobs Obama has created. Simply type in the number that appears on your paycheck stub and it will tell you how many new jobs were added, as well as how many positions were eliminated. This is valuable information to help you understand how the government is spending your money. It will also help you decide whether or not this is the right path for the U.S. economy. Hopefully, Obama’s Stimulus Package will continue to increase the economy and create more jobs.

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How many jobs did Obama create? By looking at how many jobs were added during his term, you can quickly see how many were created by the private sector versus the government. Private jobs are growing at a phenomenal rate, while those created by the federal government are stagnant or declining. If President Obama had just kept his promise to hire more federal employees during his first term as President, we would have been greatly benefited.

Today, we are suffering through one of the worst economic crises since the Great Depression because Obama and the Democrats didn’t deliver on their promises to bring jobs back to America. The private sector is thriving, while most Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck.

The number of bankruptcies has also skyrocketed, due to Obama’s policies. The credit markets are in a freefall and millions of Americans are on the brink of losing their homes. People are losing their jobs, and corporations are filing bankruptcy. All indicators point to a recession when it should have been an out-of-control recovery.

Fortunately, we have an excellent alternative to Obama’s failed policies. Instead of creating a never-ending series of government jobs, why not promote business growth and job creation. The best way to do this is to increase entrepreneurial activity in education and promote the “American Recovery” agenda. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and without them there is no life in America. Promoting small business and entrepreneurialism has become a crucial component of Obama’s second term agenda.

As a result, we will once again be a world leader when it comes to economic prosperity. Our tax dollars will be used to fuel economic growth, and not be wasted on unproductive endeavors like healthcare care and social welfare programs. As a result, we will once again be a shining star on the world stage. People around the world will be watching to see what our government has to do next, because they know we have a lot to work on.

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