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today we are going to talk about a new update on Ehsaas. The third installment of the Ehsaas program has now been finalized.

What is the date this is also revealed today? Today we will reach eight hundred percent accurate information. We will inform you for the first time with big news. Many people will be rewarded for this year’s biggest The news is,

What has been announced by the government is now taking a new kind of program from the government to Ehsaas programmers and its history has also been announced. Now you will not have to wait long but with that Here is some important information to help you get started:

You may have noticed that the government is now paying you to go through the modern biometric system and for your convenience, it is being modified by the government and it is being improved. Must have seen the heart does much better on the bus,

And they happen sometimes, sometimes they go to Multan, sometimes they go to someone, sometimes they get cut, and if Andrani is doing everything and within the Ehsaas program, you are trying to make all the girls sing well. The program should be made a problem and Imran Khan has been getting help,

So if their economic situation improves then their economic situation improves and they remove the government of Pakistan from this program and they don’t just need help now the government is giving help to these classes. For those who are worried because of inflation or because of poverty,

So don’t let the common man be affected. Good steps are being taken by Pakistan today. That is why I told you that we will be with you and 100% with you all the information from where you will know. That,

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This is the third type, but people are getting people who have already taken money from the Ehsaas program, who is in which country first and they have not received the second installment yet, then the procedure is as follows: You know people who have applied before and were disqualified, but if there is a hearing, then you have a belt fashion sentence from the government.

This will be passed and as soon as the verification is complete then we will tell you that you are a part of this program. The people who will be part of it will get the first installment and those who have already received the mercy of After taking the second oath, after taking the third oath, they will now be paid again by the government. Show that this was done by the beach, now you have started getting money, the update of which you can see on the screen.

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