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Distinguished viewers, as you know that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has started Ehsaas Relief Fund program to provide relief to his people, the registration of which is being done through 786.  Income earners are doing their registration through 786 but they are not yet receiving any confirmation message that they are eligible for this program or not.

Can they get two thousand or not With this in mind the government has launched this web portal to check their eligibility. You can check your eligibility for Rs.2000 through this web portal. I will tell you how to check it.  How can?

All those who have registered their Ehsaas Relief Fund Program 2000 through 786 have now launched a web portal in the government to check their eligibility, just like you who are on the web of Benazir Income Support Program.  By going to the portal, you check your eligibility of Rs.  You can check your eligibility through this 786 web portal to see if you are eligible for it and where to get help.

786 SMS

As you know, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and his special assistant Shazia Murree have started Ehsaas Relief Program, the registration of which is being done through 786 but as soon as they liked their national identity card number 786 

You did not receive his return message but now that the government has fully opened this 786 as it is, you will receive a complete confirmation message from 786 as soon as you register it. 

It will happen that you have been registered and you have been declared eligible, so as soon as you have registered it, you will start receiving messages from 786. The people who had registered earlier will also get 786 now.  Returns will start coming from that you have been registered, you will be notified via the message that you are eligible.

786 check online 2023

If you want to do it with your Rs 2,000 qualification whether you are eligible for it or not, the way to check its eligibility is that you have to go to Google and search.

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If you search this from 786 web portal Check Payment 2000, you will see the first link in front of you which you will click on. You have to check your wife. In this you will find an Apply button in which  786 web portal is written then you have to open the form by clicking on it and in the form,

you have to fill the form as per its requirement you have to dial your national identity card number then your  After dialing the mobile phone number and then the code number is given in the picture you will find out if you click on the button then this way you will be able to do your verification again as you will know if you click on the button. 

After verification from here you will be informed that you are eligible for what you have two thousand and can get your assistance of two thousand rupees.

786 Web Portal

As soon as you click on this 786 web portal, you will get that form from here. You will find out by filling this form according to your given requisition.  You will be informed that your 2000 has been approved and you can take it to your nearest payment center

786 online registration 2023

There is no online registration for this 786 program yet. The only way to do this is to send your national ID card number 13 without your 786. Please send it to me.  You will receive a message saying that you are eligible and you can get your help.

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The government has not yet announced any online registration procedure as soon as the government orders any new procedure.  If so, we will inform you soon that the government has now announced the procedure for online registration.

Now you can register your program online for the 786 programs in which you  The government has announced a monthly stipend of Rs 2,000 for those whose income is less than Rs 40,000.

786 Ehsaas program 2023

In Ehsas Program 786, the government has announced that 8 million families will benefit from this program, out of which each family will be given a monthly stipend of Rs.  It has announced a monthly stipend of Rs 2,000 to its people and the registration is being done through 786 and out of this 2 million families will be those who are eligible in Ehsaas Kafalat and Benazir Income Support Program while 4 million families. 

And there will be families who have a low income of 40,000 paise, whether they are government employees or private employees, but if their income is less than 40,000 paise, they can get a monthly stipend of 2,000 rupees by registering in this program.  So you must get help from the government’s program and alleviate your poverty.

Ehsaas program 786 online registration

The government has announced online registration for Ehsaas Program 786 but for this two websites have been shortened so that you can do your own online registration. I am going to tell you the names of these websites. 

If you go to Google and open one of these two websites then you will be able to go there and register online. Then, which of these two websites is Myjobpk.com while the other is Techtovisit.com just like you. 

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I will go to two websites and search in the Ehsaas program 786 registration then you will find this link from there you can register yourself online and also check your online eligibility on

these websites if you  If you want information about any new government program or information about any program, visit these two websites and you will find information about each new program.

786 Web Portal online check payment 2000 | And New update 786

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