Zong Free Internet codes 2023 (Vpn, gift, 50 gb, 1GB, code)

Zong is the second largest network provider in Pakistan, with nearly 34 million users across the country, owned by China Mobile. Zong holds nearly 24% of the market share among the country’s cellular operators.

Zong and Jazz Free Internet Code 2023 – 3G / 4G Unlimted Internet – Free 50 GB for all networks – 50 GB Free Internet. Here in the article,

Zong Free Internet

Zong Free Internet Tricks 2023 on Android.
Here we will give you tips and tricks, how you can use free unlimited 4g internet on Zong without any fees or free proxy and vpn. With these, you can also enjoy free YouTube streaming.

Zong Sim Lagao Offer

  1. Insert your deactivated sim in your mobile Phone
  2. Dial *2244# or send SMS to 2244
  3. You will get 4000Mbs internet

Zong free 500 MB code

  • Dial *568#*11#or *44#or *102# and enjoy free 4GB days.
  • Dial *56*8*23# and enjoy free 500MB.

Enjoy Zong Free Browsing Trick of 1GB Data

  • First of all, open the play store app and open it.
  • Then search “My Zong App” using the search bar.
  • Download and install the first application.
  • Now register your new Zong phone number (you need to use a phone number that you have not used before).
  • After you register successfully, you will get 1GB of data.
  • The data provided is valid for 3 days, be sure to use it before then.

Zong Free Youtube 2023 – Zong Unlimited Data Trick

  • Download and install Yoga VPN from Google Play Store
  • Use the VPN’s default settings, and connect.
  • Install any screen recorder from play store.
  • Launch the installed screen recorder.
  • Open youtube, and locate the movie you want.
  • Watch the movie, the whole movie will be recorded and saved in folder automatically.

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Zong Free Facebook Package 2023

  • Presentation fee is Rs. 0 (free offer)
  • Offer valid for one day
  • Unlimited free internet data (but only in Facebook FREE Mode Data)
  • No subscription required
  • Facebook’s Flex feature allows users to switch between Facebook’s data and free mode
  • To enable the feature, go to > Facebook > Login Account > in the settings dropdown menu, you will find Facebook FREE Mode > Enable it
  • For more details, visit Zong Free Facebook 2023

Zong Free Data Bonus For Facebook 3G/4G

  • Zong offers you unlimited data mode where you can enjoy free access to Facebook. You will not see pictures but only text.
  • The offer is 100% free.
  • It is valid for 24 hours.
  • No USSD code or subscription required.
  • You can switch from the free mode to the more paid mode where you can view photos and videos.
  • To enjoy the free mode for Facebook, on your data connection without data and the connection will be done automatically.

Zong Whatsapp Offer 2023

  1. The price of the offer is Rs. 20
  2. The validity of the offer is 30 Days
  3. Dial *247# to subscribe to this offer
  4. For more details visit Zong WhatsApp Offer 2021

Zong New SIM Offer 2023 – Enjoy Free 2GB

You can enjoy free 2GB internet anytime you buy when you buy a new Zong Sim card. it’s free

  1. Offer Charges Rs. 0
  2. Offer Validity 3 Days
  3. Dial *10# to activate the offer
  4. Enjoy 2GB FREE Internet Data

Zong Free Internet Trick 2023

  1. Download UC Handler.
  2. Setting for UC Handler:
  3. Real Proxy
  4. Type: HTTP
  5. Real Proxy Server:
  6. Port: 80
  7. Now download Yoga VPN
  8. and connect with a default setting.
  9.  Enjoy Free Zong Internet in UC Handler, once you connected.
  10. Speed is slow but Enjoy Free.

Zong Free Internet Trick 2023

  • Download UC Browser.
  • Now go to Settings
  • Open Access Points
  • Create a new Access Point
  • Add the following details to your new profile.
  • APN: Zong internet
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80
  • Now go to UC Browser, and Use  Free 4G Zong Internet and also enjoy Youtube Streaming
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Note: Chrome only gives you support for visiting HTTPS websites that you cannot search HTTP websites. But on UC Browser you can search everything and everything even at the speed of Youtube Free Streaming.

Zong Free Data – 130 GB data free

  • Download UC Browser.
  • Launch UC Browser.
  • Click on the top bar and type “free.facebook.com.kproxy.com”
  • Then you will automatically go to Kproxy website, now you can enjoy free internet.

Zong Free Browsing Codes

  • Dial *537*2# and enjoy free 1500MB.
  • Type/Dial *568#*11#or *44#or *102# and get free 4GB days.
  • Type/Dial *56*8*23# and enjoy free 500MB.
  • Type/Dial *7863*86# and enjoy free 1GB days.
  • Type/Dial *117*111*2# and enjoy free 2GB Zong data.
  • Type/Dial *563*85*23# and enjoy Zong 1GB of data for one week.
How can I get free MB on Zong?

How Can I Get Free MB on Zong?
If you’ve ever wondered how to get free MB on Zong, then this article is for you! There are a few ways to get free data on Zong without using your credit card. The first is to install the official Zong app onto your device. Once the application is installed, simply dial *551# from your mobile to activate your free data offer. Once the trial period is over, you can simply upgrade your plan to get unlimited data.

How can I get Zong 50gb?

How Can I Get Zong 50GB?
Are you wondering how to get Zong 50GB? Here are some tricks to get you started. Once you’ve figured out what you need to do, you’ll be on your way to free data. The best part? You can switch between the two options, depending on which one you prefer. You can get a free day of internet on one plan and a free week on another. There are several perks to switching between the two options, but you’ll need to use them wisely.

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How can I use free internet in Pakistan?

Free Internet in Pakistan
To get unlimited free Internet in Pakistan, you need to be using a mobile network with 3G or 4G capabilities. This is possible with the Jazz network, which was founded in 1994 and has now grown to more than 50 million subscribers. If you have a Jazz sim card, you can sign up for the free trial service to get unlimited Internet. To get a free trial of Jazz’s service, dial 1174# and follow the prompts.

How can I subscribe Zong 100gb?

How Can I Subscribe Zong 100GB?
How can I subscribe Zong 100GB? is the question that many of us have. If you have an unlimited data plan, you can enjoy a hundred gigabytes of data for a week. That’s more than enough to download or stream unlimited videos on the internet. If you’re unsure of how much data you’ll need, you can subscribe to a monthly plan. To subscribe to a monthly plan, just dial *808 from your Zong phone. You can cancel your previous package or subscribe to another one.

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