Download PUBG MOBILE Apk + Data OBB V1.6.0 For Android

PUBG is a game that has become a new-age gaming sensation. There isn’t an Android gamer who hasn’t heard of this game. The game gave a new dimension to multiplayer gameplay. It gives the user the opportunity to spend a fun and carefree time with their friends.

The game is based on a strategy and action game. The player has to coordinate with his friends to be the last winner. The game is based on the idea of ​​kill or be killed. Where the ultimate goal is to survive the other ninety-nine opponents. Every player needs a suitable game strategy.

They can choose the defensive form or go to all attack modes. Ultimately, a game like this has to provide the user with the best graphics. The creators are constantly working to achieve this feat. The game receives regular updates to keep you up to date with the latest trends and innovations. The fifth season of the game also allows the player to play in the resident evil game environment.

The game begins with the top 100 players from around the world in a helicopter. At the starting signal, everyone jumps. These 100 players parachute onto an 8X8 island. The game provides the vibes of the popular Hunger Games series.


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Both are based on the same concept. The player has to form alliances and make friends during the game. The goal is to be the last living force on the island. This can only happen by eliminating the other ninety-nine opponents.

Like Katniss Everdeen, the player has to grab weapons, form a strategy, and survive the enemy’s heavy blows and attacks. The player has to keep exploring the island. Go through the abandoned houses, hills, roads, and many other things to find the other players. But one thing the player should keep in mind is having their back covered. Because at any possible moment, the enemy can attack. It only takes a fraction of a second to transform from hunter to hunted.

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We will use this article to provide the player with all the important details about PUBG MOBILE Apk. We will discuss the basic features, gameplay, and tips that the player can use. We will also talk about the download requirements and the download process. In the end, we will share the download link that gives direct access to the latest version of the game.

Download PUBG MOBILE Apk + Data For Android

Features of the PUBG MOBILE Apk:

The thing about multiplayer is that it works well when players can interact with each other. Although all other games offer the option of a multiplayer game. But all of them mainly revolve around the fact that the player must use the texts to convey his message.

In crucial stages of the game, writing texts becomes a challenge. Most of the time they become the reason the player loses the game. But the creators of PUBG MOBILE made sure that the multiplayer game gives the gamer the best gaming experience.

The game comes with the option to chat in real time with all the other players on your team. This makes it one of the first games where the player can talk to the other teammates. This will help them plan and transform their playing strategy during the game.

When we talk about a game that is full of unmatched action, adventure and excitement. The conversation about the graphics used to design the game is sure to come up. The creators made sure to do the game justice by using the latest graphics and innovations out there. The creators make use of the powerful Engine 4,

which creates a unique and amazing visual environment for the player. It is full of rich detail and great depth. The creators also provide the player with a high definition map for the Battle Royale mode. The game also offers the gamer the best audio reproduction. The player feels like they are on a real life battlefield.

Manufacturers use the latest in high-quality audio, 3D surround sound effects, and 7.1 channel surround sound. The game does not have the appeal of a typical virtual Android game app. Instead, it provides a surreal and realistic gameplay for the gamer.

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A game based on war and action will eventually get boring if the player gets the same weapons. This has been the case with many games that became popular upon arrival. But it eventually succumbed to repetitive gameplay that lacked freshness.

The creators of the game decided to create an everlasting gaming experience for the gamer. That is why they devoted a lot of their resources to weapon design. The player can collect these weapons during the course of the game. Each weapon has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

The player must carefully collect these weapons according to his game strategy. The game provides the player with the best of the lethal collection of firearms, melee weapons and throwable objects. All of them are provided to the player with realistic ballistics and travel trajectories. It then gives the player the option to shoot, beat, or eliminate opponents.

The game also flaunts and the entire exclusive and unique collection of vehicles. When you have to explore the island, you will have to drive to reach the isolated areas. The player can also take these vehicles as the game progresses. The game can choose from a variety of cars, motorcycles and even ride a motorboat. They are provided to the player to chase their enemies to the play area.

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As in the main action movies made, when the hero is surrounded by enemies on all sides. Then all it takes is a fast, perfectly planned escape to save your life. Yes! But when you drive a vehicle, it opens up to a lot of visibility. Enemies can attack and bombard your vehicles.

It all comes down to having the perfect gaming strategy for the game.
When it comes to a multiplayer game, there is a major problem in the way of cheating during the game. This problem has also been faced by many other games. The creators found an innovative way to make the gameplay fair for all players.

He created a complete set of anti-cheat mechanisms that are built into the game. It guarantees a fair gaming experience for every type of player. You can be a beginner or a professional, the creators make sure you have an amazing gaming experience while playing PUBG Mobile.

How to download and install the PUBG MOBILE Apk?

  • Click on below button to start downloading of PUBG MOBILE Apk.
  • Click on OK for initiating the downloading process for the apk.

The player will be directed to the apk installation page after the entire download process is complete.

Click on Install and the installation process will be taken up by the android device.

Gameplay Screenshots:


Tips for playing the PUBG Game:

In order to equip you for the game, we will dedicate this section to providing the user with all the important tips that will help you excel in the game.

  • Choose the place to land with the greatest clarity and precision – As a general rule of the game, the player should land where there are enough things to loot. These areas are usually the military base, the power plant, or the various major cities on the original map. But you have to be careful because all the experienced players will also be heading there. You also have to take into account where most of the players are landing. These areas must be strictly avoided. You need to find a safe enough area, probably with buildings where you can get some loot and protection at the same time. Buildings are shown as white blocks on the map. If you can’t find any, you can open the parachute and land in a safe place.
  • First rule of business! Loot First !: Everyone is tempted to go on the offensive as soon as they grab the first weapon. But in the solo game, once dead means dead at all times. By acting immediately on the offensive, you jeopardize both your chance and your team’s chance of survival. So any player’s goal is initially to spend some time looting all desired weapons and essentials. You need to stock up on armor and health kits. You should also work on a Tier 3 backpack upgrade to make room for better gears during gameplay. Once you are fully equipped, there is no one to stop you from attacking and taking down your enemies.
  • Know your weapons and shoot only when in range – The most common rookie mistake in the game is shooting without knowledge. It means that the player has to carefully access when to hide and when to shoot the enemy. Each weapon in the game has its determined range in which it works. Going beyond the range, you will likely miss the target. In turn, you can also draw unwanted attention to yourself. Shotguns and submachine guns are useful for close damage to the opponent. One can make use of assault rifles and pistols for good in mid-range fights. Sniper rifles are perfect for long range shooting.
  • Learn to keep an eye on the map: In PUBG, knowing how to read the map is just as important as playing the game. It will probably take a few games for a new player to get familiar with the game. The map provides information to the user about the decrease in the playing area. The safe area of ​​the game is represented by the circle. If the player stays out of it for too long. Most likely they will end up dead. The circle will continue to shrink during various stages of the game. So it’s best to keep an eye on the map at all times while playing the game.
  • Try to grab a vehicle because the wheels are better – if you need to travel to another place, it is better to use a vehicle. Vehicles are found all over the map. Mainly near the big cities. Grab a vehicle and drive and locate your enemies faster.
  • Communicate with your squad mates: There can no longer be more emphasis on the fact that this is perhaps the most important thing to do during the game. You will need to edit your game strategy and change it according to the game mode. Having a conversation with your team is the best way to stand out and advance in PUBG.
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Final Verdict:

This game takes you on a trip to the island. Where you have to jump out of a gunship helicopter. You have the opportunity to go through ninety-nine other players in an attempt to become the last survivor. The game has the best-designed multiplayer gameplay that allows you to participate in battles. You can gather your squad and prepare for war with the best players from all over the world. You can choose from the huge collection of specially designed weapons and vehicles.

The player can collect them during the game. For everyone who cannot download the basic version of the game. The apks are designed as a saving grace. They offer the user exactly the same gameplay and basic features in a compact version. The apps can be used with the utmost simplicity. They are provided to the player at no charge.

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