Doraemon Mangago

Doraemon is a Japanese Mangago series written by FujikoF. Fujio. The manga was first reissued in December 1969, with its individual chapters collected into 45 volumes, published by Shogakukan



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What is Mangago

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Any other things which are necessary you should know about the Yaoi Manga.And Mangago Yaoi. Because of that these are all of the Manga and type of Manga. So if you like Yao Manga you can also check out Yao Manga. If you like Yoai Manga, You can also go for Yoai Manga.

History Of Manga

The history of manga starts from dating back to the 12th century. And it’s said they represent the base for the right-to-left reading style. The word itself first appeared in the manga in 1798, with the publication of factory analogous.



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