Jazz monthly call packages codes and details 2023

The Jazz network is among the renowned and well-known cellular system in Pakistan. There are millions of customers and is among the affordable networks of Pakistan. Its call packages are affordable when compared with other networks. These codes 2022 are among the top calls packages from jazz.

Jazz monthly call package 2022

Presently, Jazz introduces thrilling new monthly packages of calls to offer the most effective and wide range of services to its customers. Jazz has introduced a variety of new offers and services for 2022. Jazz offers free minutes and SMS with all offers and packages.

You can now access Free Facebook on Jazz without any fees for data usage or package subscriptions.

Jazz Call and Free Minute packages for 30 days of validity

Here are the specifics of calls packages and offers that jass offers for 30 days of validity:

1. Jazz super duper package for every month Rs 600

Jazz’s monthly super duper call package is an excellent all-in-one package that focuses on calls. You can get 3000 jazz/warid minute and 3000 SMS. You also get additional network minutes of 165 as well as 8GB of data for the jazz super duper package monthly for just 655 rupees.

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1. Jazz monthly super duper
BalanceRs 655 
Duration30 Days
Jazz/warid Minutes3000
Other Networks Minutes165
Data8 GB
Subscription Code*706#
Unsubscription codeThe package will automatically expire after 30 days
Status code*706*2#
Any other ChargesCall setup fee Rs 0.15

Note It is possible to subscribe to these packages as well as the bonus offered in this offer all hours of the day. The time slot is not provided. Learn to transfer jazz minutes to other numbers.

2. Jazz Monthly Super duper plus Rs 870

Jazz super duper monthly Plus is the most economical and best all in one pne monthly jazz package. It is a balance plan that includes SMS, minutes, and data. You can get 5000 Jazz Warid minutes, 300 additional network minutes as well as 5000 SMS, and 17GB of data for the amount of Rs 870.

2. Jazz monthly super duper plus Code
BalanceRs 870
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes5000
Other Networks Minutes300
Data17 GB
Subscription Code*707#
Unsubscription code*707*4#  (The package expire after 7 days too)
Status code*407*2#
Any other Chargescall setup fee
WarningNo. You can use all jazz minutes and data 24 hours. No time restrictions.

Note That you can dial *707# to the jazz monthly phone package that includes a lot of free minutes. The code is good until 2022 but jazz may alter rates in the future.

3. Jazz hybrid monthly best Call package

This deal is also focused on voice and calls bundles. The package comes with 10000 jazz+warid minutesas well as 100 minutes from other networks and 2500 SMS along with 4GB of data that can be bought for $575.

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3. Jazz monthly call package code
BalanceRs 575 
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes10000 (free on Sunday)
Other Networks Minutes100
Subscription Code*430#
Unsubscription code*430*4#
Status code*430*2#
Any other Chargescall fee apply
WarningYou will get 333 free minutes daily on weekdays. Sunday is completely free and you can make unlimited calls in Sundays. The free minutes will not deduct from your quota on Sunday.

Note: This is an exciting monthly plan for those with a lot of jass contacts since there are a few other minutes on other networks.

4. Jazz super Mahan Offer

Jass Super Mahana is mainly called a call plan for 30 days , as it comes with a huge amount of data. The price is reasonable it is compared to 5000 jazz+warid minute as well as 5000 SMS, 150 minutes from other networks, as well as 10GB of data with this deal. This is all for the amount of Rs 454 for a period of 30 days validity.

4. Jazz super Mahana call package code
BalanceRs 454
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes5000
Other Networks Minutes150
MB10 GB (5 GB 2:00 AM – 2:00 PM)
Subscription Code*529#
Unsubscription codeThe package will automatically expire after 30 days
Status code*529*2#
Any other ChargesNIL
WarningNo warning

Note: Jazz customers can avail a super-duper card calls with monthly validity. Also, it’s a low cost call package that comes all included minutes, MBs and SMS.

5. Jazz every month Shahdakot offer

Jazz offers exciting local-based packages and deals. Jazz month-long call packages for Shahdakot is an excellent deal from Jazz to customers in Shahdakot and its surrounding areas. You will get 2000 Jazz+warid minutes along with 200 additional network minutes 4000 SMS, and 2GB of data in Shahdakot package for 319 rupees only

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5. Jazz monthly Shahdakot
BalanceRs 319
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes2000
Other Networks Minutes200
Subscription Code*873#
Unsubscription codeThe package will automatically expire after 30 days
Status code*873*2#
Any other Chargescall fee Rs 0.15
WarningThe minutes and MB and other items are usable 24 hours.

Note: There is no special note. This offer is available in Shahdakot and its surrounding areas.

6. Jazz DG Khan monthly call package

This is an excellent deal that is suitable for DG Khan users and a inexpensive and reasonable monthly call package 2020. The package comes with the same rewards as Shahdakot, and at the same cost. This means you will get 2000 jazz plus warid minutes 200 off-net mins and 2000MB of data at 300 rupees.

6. Jazz DG khan call Package codes
BalanceRs 300
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes2000
Other Networks Minutes200
MB2000 MB
Subscription Code*705#
Unsubscription codeThe package will automatically expire after 30 days
Status code*705*2#
Any other ChargesNone
WarningRs 1.2/MB will occur after the package expires. So, keep checking your remaining usage.

Note: There is no time slot limitation. All hours of the day. This offer is only available to DG Khan and surrounding areas.

7. Jazz Mahana bachat call packages at Rs 130

The cheapest monthly call plan offered by Jazz. It costs only Rs 130 to receive 300 jazz/warid minutes, 2000 text messages and 40 off-net minutes with 4GB of free WhatsApp/iMo. This offer is valid for 30 days.

7. Jazz Mahana bachat offer code
BalanceRs 130 
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes300
Other Networks Minutes40
MB4 GB (only for whatsapp and IMO)
Subscription Code*614#
Unsubscription codeThe package will automatically expire after 30 days
Status code*614*2#
Any other ChargesNone

Be aware that the MBs and other data provided under the package are applicable to Whatsapp only. It is only possible to make use of WhatsApp in conjunction with this package.

8. Jazz Sim lagao offer Free

If you have a jazz SIM that hasn’t been in use for more than 30 days, call *551# in order to obtain a sim lagao promotion on your SIM. Jazz provides the following rewards free to reactivate your jazz Sim.

8. Jazz Sim Lagao offer code
BalanceRs 0.01
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes3000
Other Networks Minutes75
MB6 GB (3 GB for whatsapp)
Subscription Code*551#
Unsubscription codeNA
Status code*553*2#
Any other Chargescall set up fee Rs 0.15
Free minutes are given on daily basis. The incentive got from this offer are not valid on chaand rat and Eid days. 

Note: You’ll receive 50 Jazz Warid minutes per day throughout 60 consecutive days. You will also get 50 minutes for free when you use at least 15 rupees from your sim. Jazz 2022 codes are available for the monthly calls package.

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