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Ehsaas(BISP) shikayat Portal 2023

In this article, you would have filed a complaint in the sense program that we would tell friends who did not help get 14 thousand money and Benazir could not register that income support program or even assistance for these people did not get

the Benazir Income Support program and realize the program realization Kafalat program if you go more aid did not have any until you can get to enter their online complaints about all information posted yesterday tells you that you will file a complaint online.

If by then the NSE R survey was given to what would qualify or you were not angry with him, the problem of scrutiny would be that  I file a complaint online.

Even if you did not get any help in the Ehsaas Kafalat program, Ehsaas program, or Benazir Income Support program for any reason. There may be technical reasons. There is any problem.  Submit your complaint through the new web portal of this government because no government has opened a new poll.

If you want to register, you have to register your complaint through this, and in this new government, you have to get help. Benazir Income  From the support program this feeling from the sponsorship program from any of these programs has become your problem. If you have not received it, you can also lodge a complaint online through this portal.  Can

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Ehsaas Program shikayat Online

If any want to enter your complaint if I feel the program for reasons I have to you for filing the first to get Google to open as you open Google There you have to dial that 8171 will also have to dial to get after you do a search to

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similar find web portal complaint from under you anything you like after you open it takes to open forms below you getting the picture after you take the solution according to the report given to the form you have to do after I tell you the picture.

As you can see in the picture you will select the type of complaint from G in this form then you will get the next option then if you have any problem then you have to select it.  You have to dial your National Identity Card number, and your name, then you have to dial your name As details of the complaint after complaint,

type your full name, identity card number, mobile phone number, and the like from here to your online complaint you click submit and fill the complete form all these buttons if this approach will be collected in realizing program And this is how online complaints are submitted to the Benazir Income Support Program.

File a thumbprint complaint

And if this feeling in your basic program is a problem of thumbprints in the sponsorship program or in the Benazir Income Support program thumbprints are not being verified and because of this you are not getting help then you can  Complain online and

the problem of what you have will be solved and you will be able to get this help and this is the thumbprint of how to file a complaint.  Let me tell you below as you can see in the picture below. If you do a Google search for 8171 then you will find a way to solve this form according to tradition.

As you are dealing with is seen in the form you lodged a complaint with the fingers of the bottom You see the other persons that verify biometric fingerprint problem for those who own national identity card number dial your puranam dial since then his phone number to dial it after your online application file to

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the way that online those that complaint will be recorded and according to the dowry will be working, but the marks are given to her after that it realized the program the full program has been unprecedented,

whether any program is income support programs in can be your aid when you can take your kmplyn. It will have your support and that you enter your imply this method will solve the problem of fingerprints.

Ehsaas program Complaint number

If you feel any problem with any of the Benazir Income Support Program realization Kafalat program in the program or not getting the help you can call the complaint cell number that I kmplyn cell number 

the bottom I’m telling you 080026477 you own that by the time the problems can tell them and they provide will uyryfykysn at the hearing about your problems and Juhi help you to solve the problem of the  if this method is that you will pay kmplyn cell is collected by your company, you can get relief

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Realize how time can submit a request to the Complaint Cell Program

If you were to realize the program is a new sense of Kafalat programs or Benazir not getting relief from income support or any issue or problem you juhi thumb marks or disqualify you or checking you the problem is the NSER survey or correctly entitled not to,

but you know not what you are if you NSE R service was not what the problem is all these complaints the solution is by the government because it has neither the complaint has been open you have that sense of grievance cell may file a complaint Province,

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from 9 am to 5 pm and your complaint will be many who will be registered and verification and that will be the solution to the problem and you will not receive assistance from the government.

Ehsaas Complaint Online Application Form

If you feel Complaint be if such people want elections form the family of the person who realizes this by asflt programs or by programs precedent was found relief from income support but  the man died or if he died she died that the woman you filed the complaint online, then that will be transferred to your aid of her servants to head home now you will head woman

home to the head of either name will be transferred this method is that, as I have told you that your online Complaint filed sense program or full  If the program Abel Benazir Income Support program, you will get your online Complaint filed in this way you will be the effect of that aid on the other slave procedure.

If your home People who realize that the program was taking aid if they have died this way you can get your online Complaint registered to name their children,

the other head of house transfers and which in a way proper way the aid can regain that has been telling you so you can get information immediately read well this article and want information if all mirror the new program you visit our website  Search and find all the information.

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